Linguistix Tank utilizes an international community of on-demand professional linguists to provide real-time transcription, voice-data collection, hand writing recognition and localization services across the globe. We help companies leverage the power and complexities of language to develop better language recognition software, curate more linguistically appropriate marketing materials, and enter new markets with the confidence that their brand is effectively communicating to their target audience.

Comprised of over 1,000 professional linguists from around the world, our growing community of local language experts represents one of the most adaptive, diverse, and unique teams across today’s language services industry. Regardless of where your language journey takes you, Linguistix Tank will always be able to give you and your company the native perspective and linguistic support you need to succeed.

Since launching in 2014, we have helped companies gather language data and localize new products in over 65 countries and 75 local dialects.

Website: Linguistix Tank
Phone: (905) 512-3372