Founded in 2004, Civicplan provides innovative land use planning, community engagement, and research services to the public, non-profit, and private sectors. The Civicplan team brings a diversity of backgrounds to our projects, including urban planning, community engagement and facilitation, strategic planning, communication, and research. The breadth of our experience gives us a strong understanding of the mechanics of government, community outreach, the planning process, and political decision-making.


  • Civicplan combines a variety of services to offer tailored solutions for our clients:
  • We design redevelopment proposals, district plans, and community improvement studies to help realize the potential of neighbourhoods.
  • Civicplan facilitates community dialogue blending online tools, in person discussion, and analysis to provide greater insight for future planning.
  • We help clients with strategic plan development, organizational and project evaluation, governance planning, and visioning.
  • Civicplan employs multiple research methods, including policy, statistical, and spatial analysis to better understand an issue or challenge.

Phone:  905-528-5607