Art Crawl this Friday!

Join us in Hotel Hamilton this Friday, December 11th for Art Crawl.

We have Callie Archer in our boardroom with perfect Christmas gifts like this one: IMG_4744CA

Artist’s Statement:

I grew up admiring my father’s oil paintings and craved to learn to paint. Since retiring I have been able to take courses and follow this passion. Living this dream is very exciting and fuels itself. Every course and painting provides new learning. 

As a colourist, I thrive on radiatingthe colours of nature from my palette onto the canvas. Capturing the light, the calm and the abiance contribute to the satisfaction of my day. Being able to paint near Hamilton and in my travels conveys my interpretation of the vista.

Working in diverse media allows me to express myself in more ways. My wearable art also helps to generate conversations about art wherever I go. Painting outside in mid-winter provides a meditation in the elements. Art gives me new ways to reflect my closeness the wilderness and to express my vision to the wider public.

The joy of having people, including artists buy my work has been very satisfying. However, I’m happy to have a pension. 

No one encouraged me to paint. In my forties, I learned that I had various learning disablilities which explained why some activities involved a struggle. I persisted. If you want toexpress yourself in the arts, follow your passion and you will accomplish your dream. I’m living proof that it’s possible. 

I hope to learn how to make my art more of a social, spiritual, and political statement. I also want to learn to paint in ways that evoke humour. This too shall come, One day at a time.